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The Circus Studio

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be flexible?
No, we will help you increase your flexibility in every class.  Flexibility makes all the positions visually more pleasing, however for most moves flexibility is not required.
Do I need any experience?

No experience is necessary.  We will teach you everything you need to know.




What do I wear to class?

Close-fitting clothes are best, leggings that go at least below your knee and a tanktop, leotard, or shirt you can tuck in.  No shoes or socks are needed.  Legwarmers are great to keep muscles warmed up and also to ease bruising on hoop and trapeze especially.  (They can also be purchased here).

Absolutely NO zippers on clothing, it rips the equipment and can be dangerous.

Please tie long hair back.

For Pole Dance classes please wear booty shorts and/or leggings you can slide up to allow for your skin to hug the pole in many of the tricks.  If you have heels (no strapless shoes), bring them.  


Is there a weight limit?

Our equipment is rated to hold the weight of a small elephant.  However, remember that in aerial fitness, you are pulling up your own body weight.   We are able and happy to accomodate as many different bodies as we can, just keep in mind that the larger you are, the heavier you are.

What is the age of most clients?
We have all ages here, depending on which class you are attending.  Kids are ages 6 -14, many local college students take our classes, but we also have people in their 80s.  The sky is the limit, however we are always teaching you at your own level.
Can I watch a class first?

You are welcome to watch most of our classes, but you must ask the teacher permission either beforehand or when you arrive.  Each teacher and class may feel differently about having an audience.  Most of the Pole classes this is not an option. 

Can I get a refund?

At this time, we do not offer refunds.  We are happy to credit your account so you can attend more classes or gift your classes to another person, purchase our retail items, tickets to our shows, or book one of our parties.  

Can I take photos?

We love to have photos taken, however it cannot interfere with the teaching and with the safety of the students.  We prefer to have photos taken at the end of class.  If you are in class and want someone to take your photo while you pose, that is fine.  Remember to post to our Instagram and Facebook Page! During our performances and birthday parties, you may take photos at any time.

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